Major forces cause the extensive development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all industries. One of these: is Al Rajhi Plastic and Foam factories, one of Abdullah Abdul-Aziz Al Rajhi group of companies. The Factory is established in 1397 H to share and contribute in the development of Saudi Arabia. In 1416 H, we started producing PVC Pipes, Tubes and Trunking, which are major factors in constructing the Kingdom's infrastructure: as water networks, irrigation, electric and telephone installation, domestic usage and sanitary sewage.
Al Rajhi Plastic & Foam Factories use the most modern and latest technology to produce PVC pipes, tubes, and trunking to achieve good quality at economical rate.
Al Rajhi Plastic & Foam Factories produce PVC pipes according to German Standard DIN 8002 and Saudi standards 14-15-1396 H SAS.
  • Agri-items section.

  • Pipe section.

  • Film section.

  • Injection section.

  • PVC compounds section.